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When the NDIS was finally coming to Queensland it brought about changes
in all the care sectors.

It was a radical transformation of how Australians would recognise and meet the needs of people that had, for so long, been marginalized in our society.

Man with Amputee Girlfriend on Beach

Robert Davie, the founder of YES Services, spent 11 years prior to the NDIS rollout managing multidisciplinary teams whose primary focus was to solve problems and overcome barriers in the support industry. Their aim was to protect vulnerable adults, provide a safe environment and ensure proper care was received. As an industry representative, Robert was involved in multiple NDIS rollout committees while Queensland’s support systems transitioned into the new world of NDIS funded care. As the NDIS grew it was quickly apparent that the average person living their life was struggling to understand and navigate this new system. It was new, overwhelming and complicated. To assist participants and their support networks to navigate the NDIS, the new profession of Support Coordinator was born. But who had the experience and expertise to assist the NDIS participants to problem solve and overcome barriers in the care sector? Robert did! Pairing this need with Robert’s experience and passion for seeing people achieve their potential, he founded YES Service in 2018. What sets YES Service apart? Many companies offer a wide range of services to their participants. When a Support Coordinator operates in such a company, whose role is to help the participant find the most suitable services to match their needs, it can be compromising when their employer may offer services that may not be in the participant’s best interest. Being compromised does not happen with YES Service. YES Service is an independent, registered provider that specialises in Support Coordination (level 2) and Specialist Support Coordination (Level 3) only. YES Service doesn’t provide any other services. It is Robert’s view that a Support Coordinator should always be independent and be driven only by their participant’s needs and wishes as they work to get the most for their participant and from the participant’s NDIS plan.
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